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Mirror mirror on the wall … this mirror sees how credible you are

Taking a look at the mirror is an automatism for many. With every mirror or display window we walk past, we want to see if everything is still there and there and if there is not something very funny on our face or in the hair. If you knew that these mirrors also look at you very well, would you get the creeps?

Artificial Intelligence mirror

It can be real! They have developed a biometric mirror at the University of Melbourne. Artificial Intelligence, and more precisely facial recognition technology, is used for this. Faces of users can be analyzed. Then the user of the mirror receives an assessment, which amounts to fourteen different characteristics about sex, age, ethnicity and especially character. The system has been trained by showing faces with different characteristics.

There are still a number of improvements to be made in the mirror. In this way only five ethnicities can be recognized. It is also possible that the character traits are not always correct. The idea of ​​the mirror also shows that there can be bias in machine learning systems. Discrimination or subjective information by people can also be implemented in the system.

Because Artificial Intelligence is used more and more, it is important that people know how it works and what can go wrong. For example, AI assesses whether we are a good employee and whether we are aggressive. But these systems will always need to be improved.

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