Adobe to buy marketing software company Marketo for $4.75 billion miljard

Adobe has reached an agreement with marketing software company Marketo to acquire the company for $4.75 billion. Marketo helps companies with cloud services marketing and Adobe wants to bring that expertise in-house.

The acquisition is still pending approval from relevant authorities and should be completed before the end of November, says Adobe. Because that only takes two months, the company does not expect to have any problems making the acquisition. Sometimes the approval for takeovers takes six months to a year.

Adobe wants to bring in Marketo’s expertise in marketing software. That software should make its way to the Adobe Experience Cloud and help Adobe and Marketo customers do marketing on mobile, desktop and in the physical world to win more customers.

Marketo will become part of Adobe’s Digital Experience arm following the acquisition, with the company’s chief executive, Steve Lucas, set to become one of its top executives. Marketo is located in the American city of San Mateo and has three thousand employees. It’s not Adobe’s first major acquisition this year. It is also in the process of acquiring Magento.