MacOS Mojave release: these are the 8 most exciting new functions

The new software for the iPhone and iPad is a little less exciting than the last years, but that certainly does not apply to the new Mac operating system. macOS Mojave is overflowing with the interesting innovations that you really benefit from. We’ll explain 8!

macOS Mojave new features

The biggest Mac update of the last years will be released on September 24th. The software will probably appear in the Mac App Store around 7 PM. After updating you can release with the following novelties:

1. Dark mode

For the first time, a dark mode comes to the Mac. Immediately after installation, you will be asked if you want to use the light or dark display. Especially choose the dark mode, which is cool. Not only the fancy desktop changes with the dark theme; apps such as Mail, Photos, Calendar and Messages are also given a dark shade. Afterwards you can go back to the light mode via ‘System Preferences> General’

2. Stacks

It’s probably a mess on your desktop. Photos, folders, PDF files: they are all mixed up. With Stacks, a new function of macOS, the weather is neatly in the background. The function automatically sorts all files neatly in one place. You set stacks by Ctrl-clicking on your desktop, after which you choose ‘Use piles’.

3. Favicons

It is a modest addition, but secretly one of our favorites: favicons. Those icons are displayed at the various tabs, so that you can see much better which website belongs to which tab. The feature has been around Google Chrome for years – and this was even a reason for many Mac users to choose this web browser. Favicons are part of macOS Mojave, but you also get them when you install the update for Safari in the Mac App Store.

4. iOS apps to the Mac

(Still) not all iOS apps get into the moving van, but Apple is making a start. When installing macOS 10.14, the shares, home, and memos (Dictaphone) apps are on your Mac. Actually, Apple News also belongs in that list.

5. Continuity Camera

A continuity Camera will save you some time. With the function you make a photo or scan with your iPhone or iPad, after which it appears at a desired location in your Mac. First Ctrl-click on a spot where you want the photo or scan. That can be in Finder, but also in apps like Mail, Notes and Pages.

Then choose the option ‘Import from iPhone or iPad’ and go for ‘Make photo’ or ‘Scan documents’. Then your iOS device turns on and you can take the photo or scan, after which it appears directly on the chosen spot.

6. Improved screenshots

If you often make screenshots on the Mac, you’ll be glad of the extra options for making screenshots.You can now choose whether or not you want the mouse cursor to appear, you choose where the recordings are saved and there is a timer.

7. Quick view

Do you use the Quick View as often as we do? You know-what, that view you see when you press the space bar. In Mojave you do not just use it to quickly change the contents of a photo, movie or document. see, but also to make fast edits. For example, you rotate photos in this way, or you make quick annotations. And videos you short in.

8. New Gallery view

The Cover Flow view of Finder has been replaced by something more hip: the Gallery view. You can open it with Cmd + 4 or via the fourth display button n Finder. At the bottom you see a row of files, above one big preview. The sidebar on the right provides you with a lot of information about the selected file.