A glimpse into life with Alzheimer’s with Virtual Reality

It is difficult to imagine what it is like to have a certain disease, such as Alzheimer’s disease . You can read symptoms or see how someone in the environment suffers, but if it does not happen to you, it is difficult to understand this disease. Virtual Reality makes it easier to move around in another world, including that of Alzheimer’s.

Virtual Reality and Alzheimer

VR-studio Embodied Labs, has created a Virtual Reality experience, to be in the shoes of people with Alzheimer’s. Especially for carers or people in the area it can help to see what important role they play in the life of someone with Alzheimer’s. The VR application is called The Beatriz Lab . Not only the negative aspects are highlighted, but also that someone can still enjoy things in life.

With the VR glasses on, people can do all sorts of things, such as going to the park, shopping, taking a bath or going to familiar places that suddenly become unknown. They experience all of this while the brain can process everything more and more difficult.

The VR tool has already been used by 2000 people, at 50 organizations. For example, it can train doctors and therapists to move around in the disease.


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