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Smart speakers at universities

At the University of Saint Louis, students do not come under the smart speakers of Amazon the Echo Dots. When the students re-enter the buildings after the summer holidays, they are surrounded by a total of 2300 devices.

Echo Dots at the University

So far it is the most large-scale setting in which the Echo Dots are placed. The university has worked with Alexa for Business to make 100 questions. For example, students who ask what time the library closes tonight, or where the administration office is, receive immediate answers from the smart speakers. For the new fresh first year, these speakers can come in handy, since the university has one large maze for them.


According to Amazon and the university, students do not have to worry about privacy. The devices are not connected to individual accounts. They also do not store personal information. Its use is anonymous. The questions that students ask are not stored or recorded.

This of course invites you to ask crazy questions. There are only 100 questions that the devices know, but students will see the devices in the beginning as small emergency telephones. Nice to ask all the questions that arise in them, and then not get an answer. Yet they will also be happy with it, because they are not in any case a closed door at the university library.

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