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Xiaomi introduces 10 "tablet Mi Pad 4 Plus

After Xiaomi introduced the 8 “-Mi Pad 4 in June, the manufacturer now comes with a 10” version of this tablet. The Mi Pad 4 Plus gets access to the Qualcomm Snapdragon 660 as soc, just like the Mi Pad 4.

Like the Mi Pad 4 the new 10 “tablet gets an ips-screen with a resolution of 1920×1200 pixels in a 16: 10 ratio Instead of, for example, the faster Snapdragon 670, Xiaomi opted for the Snapdragon 660. This is a midrange-soc of Qualcomm, which the American company announced last year. on 2.2GHz and four lower clocked cores on 1.8GHz, the Snapdragon 660 has an Adreno 512 as gpu.
Where users with the Mid Pad 4 can choose from memory configurations of 3GB ram and 32GB storage space or 4GB ram and 64GB of storage space is different with the Mi Pad 4 Plus and the 10 “tablet comes standard with 4GB of memory, with two options for storage: 64 or 128GB. There will not be a separate 4g version; the Mi Pad 4 Plus has standard support for this.
The new tablet has a battery with a capacity of 8620mAh. Xiaomi does not mention the possibility of fast charging. There is also support for bluetooth 5.0 and wifi-ac. The tablet has a 3.5mm and a USB-c connection.
The Mi Pad 4 Plus will be on sale in China on August 16th. It is still unclear whether the tablet will also be sold outside of China; for example, Xiaomi does not have Mi Pads in the webshop in Spain. The variant with 64GB costs 1900 yuan, which converted and included VAT amounts to 290 euros. Customers who opt for 128GB will have to deal with a price of around 320 euros

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