Apple launches group calls via FaceTime until later this year

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Apple postpones the introduction of its function to group calling via FaceTime until later this year. The feature will not be included in the first stable release of iOS 12 and macOS Mojave, which is expected to be released in September.

Apple has let developers know that the feature is no longer in beta and will be released later this year, reports Ars Technica on the basis of documentation from developers. The manufacturer does not mention why it postponed the introduction of the function.
With group calling via FaceTime, users with up to 32 users can participate in a group conversation via Apple’s video-calling application. They can also use the function on an iPhone X to place an Animoji animation in their head. Apple introduced the feature at its WWDC developer conference. FaceTime has been around since 2010, but so far supported only 1-on-1 conversations. The manufacturer promised FaceTime opensource, but that has not happened so far, presumably because of a lawsuit around patents .
Apple is likely to release iOS 12 next month; previous versions of iOS appeared every September, after the introduction of new iPhone models. The postponement of functions announced on WWDC is more frequent. For example, AirPlay 2 only appeared in iOS 11.4 this spring, instead of iOS 11.0 last fall.

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