Xbox console no longer requires mobile app for Discord conversations after update

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Xbox users will soon no longer need the Discord mobile app to connect to audio calls on the chat service. That has been necessary until now. The option to connect directly to audio calls in Discord is coming to Xbox’s interface.

For one-on-one conversations and for text chats, the Discord app is still needed, reports Microsoft. In addition, users must have their Discord account linked to their Xbox account. If not, they can also do that via the Xbox interface by pressing the Discord button there. The chat service has recently been available on Xbox.

In addition to the Discord option, the update also adds the Captures app for capturing and editing footage, with the option to copy screenshots and screen recordings to external storage. The functionality will be available to users in the Alpha ring of the Update Previews. That means it’s still a test version, with Microsoft collecting feedback and trying to find bugs.

Discord on Xbox, October 2022. Source: Tom Warren, The Verge

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