With this free app you can use bigger mobile phones with one hand

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Whether we like it or not, large mobile phones are here to stay. This means that those of us who like smaller terminals have to search the market to find the few compact phones that remain. And although I like the screen and battery of devices with a good diagonal, I greatly appreciate the lightness and handling of the smaller models. I found the solution to continue controlling my Android phones with one hand, no matter how big they are, for free in the Google Play Store and it is worth trying.

In my case I usually handle a Samsung Galaxy A71 and a OnePlus 9 Pro , in both cases with 6.7-inch screens, a diagonal that is simply impossible for me to handle with one hand . Thus, for tasks like entering the control center or Instagram stories I need both limbs… until I installed the Quick Cursor application (available for free in the Google Play Store, with in-app purchases).

How Quick Cursor works and what it does

After installation you have to activate it in the Accessibility section of the phone’s Settings and grant the relevant permissions . Although it requires permission to activate, it does not abuse it, since it cannot control the phone nor does it collect or send data over the Internet. The application in question has been in the Google Play Store for years and has good ratings of 4.4 for its good functioning and usefulness.

From that moment on, a new way to control the entire screen will appear using a cursor that I can invoke by touching the sides of the phone, so it doesn’t bother me when I don’t need it (for example, to watch a video).

Authorized and activated the above, the application places a cursor on the screen that you can control with your thumb and that allows you to interact with buttons and other parts of the screen interface. The good thing is that this cursor is not always present, hindering viewing , but we can invoke it simply by sliding right or left on the sides of the phone. You can choose that summoning area and its sensitivity.

Once the cursor appears, we will move it across the upper area of ​​the screen to where we are interested and we can touch buttons to activate or deactivate functions . I have to admit that at first it takes a little getting used to this new form of control, but it is precise and agile.

Although the app is free and there are no ads, the paid version unlocks more customization options. To install this application CLICK HERE.

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