Google has a new magnifying glass application to read any text, no matter how difficult it may be. This is how you can install it on your Pixel

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This week Google has put its cards on the table to try to conquer the battle for the best mobile of the moment with its Google Pixel 8 and has done the same in the smartwatch territory with the Pixel Watch 2 , but it has also finally released Android 14 . It’s precisely about software, one of the strong points of the big G, because with the launch of the new Pixel 8, Google showed its new magnifying glass application, an accessibility tool designed so that we can read any text , for example. small or difficult (be careful with some fonts). Whether you have vision problems or want to try everything it can do, you can now install it on your Google Pixel.

Google is one of the brands that works the most in the area of ​​accessibility, so it is not unusual that with each new version of its operating system and its phones it implements new features aimed at making life easier for those who use phones and have certain difficulties. . In this generation, one of the most interesting innovations in accessibility is Magnifier or Lupa , the new Google app.

It is available for free in the Google Play Store, but unfortunately it is not compatible with any Android phone, but is exclusive for Pixel phones starting with the Google Pixel 5.

What is Magnifier and what is it for?

Magnifier is an application that can be used to read any text from your mobile phone, which is not only useful for people with vision problems and for anyone in their daily lives . Beyond reading small texts such as those that may appear on the package insert for medications or in the footers of a book, also think about those that are difficult to read, such as a label on a piece of clothing that is half erased or those posters with poorly legible typography that are already deteriorated or diffuse prints or prints with little contrast.

Using the application is not much of a mystery: just install it on your phone and when you come across text that is difficult to read for any reason, simply open the app and point it with your phone’s camera. At that moment the application will use the terminal’s lenses to enlarge the image and improve its quality without us having to get closer, which is also practical if we cannot get closer to what we want to read. Thus, it can also be used to read a menu hanging on the wall when we are at a restaurant table or for the small print on posters.

But don’t be fooled by its intuitive interface, since it is very complete and houses useful functions such as high contrast filters to make texts more readable, inverted color filters, gray scale, combination of black on yellow and vice versa. to better highlight the text, contrast and brightness variation… the icing on the cake is that it integrates a button to invoke Google Lens, which is used to detect texts so that we can save or read them.

To install this applicaiton CLICK HERE.

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