Windows 10 users are experiencing internet connectivity issues due to bug

Many Windows users suffer from a bug where some applications do not connect properly to the Internet. These are devices that connect to a VPN with a manually or automatically configured proxy.

The problem is in Windows 10 from version 1909, and in Windows Server from the same version. The bug has been in Windows since the end of February, since update KB4535996 was released. Microsoft writes that the problem arises with applications that use the network APIs WinHTTP and WinInet in Windows. As a result, in some cases, those programs might not be able to connect to the Internet, or the connection might be bad.

Outlook, Office programs, and Teams, among others, would no longer work properly due to the new bug. Microsoft says it is working on a solution, but that it will probably take until the beginning of April for it to be finalized. It would then be an update outside the standard release schedule. In the meantime, users can try to reboot their device.