Microsoft Flight Simulator will use live aircraft traffic data

Microsoft has released details on how the multiplayer mode works in the new Flight Simulator game due out later this year. Players can fly together in the same world, or against other aircraft using real-time data from real flights.

In the game, players will soon be able to fly together with other players in one open world, the makers explain in a video. In Live Player mode, players must then fly by the rules in the most accurate way possible. It uses the real weather at that time, so if it rains in the real world at a location where the player wants to fly, he must actually fly through the rain there. There is also a setting where players can decide for themselves in what weather or at what time of day they can fly. According to Microsoft, that mode is more intended for players who want fewer rules while flying. Players can also create Groups and invite friends to them. They can choose their own weather and world settings in such a Group. Within a Group, players can only see each other.

The game uses real-time data from the real world of where aircraft are located. If a fellow player goes offline, a plane continues to fly with the help of artificial intelligence. Also, ai automatically fills the sky with planes if a player does not have an internet connection. Flight Simulator runs entirely on Microsoft’s own Azure platform. The game automatically connects players to the closest server, but players can also choose a specific server. To avoid congestion in the servers, the game shows data from real aircraft only within 200 kilometers of the player, and up to 50 players.

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