Windows 10 to highlight new features after feature update installations

Future versions of Microsoft’s Windows 10 operating system will highlight new features for the user as part of the post-upgrade experience.

Current versions of Windows 10 hardly display any information regarding changes or new features after upgrades. That is a problem, according to Microsoft for a number of reasons. First, updates can be time-consuming and without any real benefit to the actual user, but it’s not the only one.

New features may not be used as often because users may not immediately notice the new app or feature of an existing application. Although Microsoft sometimes emphasizes features, e.g. a new app in the Start menu, he’s generally closed on that; this leaves Microsoft’s own websites and third-party websites like ours behind to get an overview of what’s new and changed. Most Windows users probably don’t read these resources.

Microsoft released the new Insider Build 20190 to the public yesterday. The new build introduces post upgrade tips feature for English languages. Microsoft will unlock the new feature for other locale settings in the future, but for now it is only active when English locale is used.

The Windows Welcome Experience setting must also be enabled on devices to see the tips:

To see this experience on your device, make sure the ‘Show me the Windows welcome experience’ checkbox in Settings> System> Notifications & actions is checked.

The new feature opens a “tip” window on the screen after the upgrade that shows the major changes and new features of that particular version of Windows 10. It includes back and forward buttons to cycle through all functions and changes or to close the window and be done.

There may also be a ‘try it’ button, e.g. if a Microsoft Edge feature is highlighted to open Microsoft Edge and use the functionality.