WhatsApp: we will not close functions if we refuse new conditions

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WhatsApp is not going to limit functions for users who do not accept the new conditions for a longer period of time. The company wanted to win everyone over, but decided against it. According to the Facebook subsidiary, the majority of users have already tacked.

WhatsApp told The Verge that it wants to make it clear that the restrictions have been lifted “following recent discussions with various authorities and privacy experts”. This new course will sail the messenger business “indefinitely.” The policy page on this has also been updated.

WhatsApp’s plan was to sooner or later take away the ability to read and send messages to users who do not accept; they would then only be able to read notifications and place calls. Subsequently, notifications, messages and calls are also completely disabled. “Also keep in mind that the separate policy for inactive users will then apply,” WhatsApp said. This generally includes deleting an account after 120 days of inactivity.

In early January, WhatsApp announced that users had to agree to the new privacy terms. It focuses on how WhatsApp shares data with Facebook. The terms and conditions cover, among other things, how WhatsApp stores and uses transaction data for payment services, such as Facebook Pay in WhatsApp. And how data shared in conversations with companies on WhatsApp can end up with Facebook, if companies use a link between WhatsApp for Business with other Facebook services.

ICT lawyer Arnoud Engelfriet explained to AD why European users have little to fear: “This does not apply to Europe for two reasons. Firstly, because Facebook promised to do so with the acquisition of WhatsApp in 2014, and secondly because the AVG privacy law It is simply stipulated that you may not just share that data.”

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