WhatsApp adapts EU conditions including minimum age in the run-up to AVG

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Chatapp WhatsApp has changed its terms and conditions and its privacy policy for EU users. One of the changes is the adjustment of the minimum age of its users, which will be sixteen years.

WhatsApp announces the changes in a blog post . The increase in the minimum age applies to users in the ‘European region’. Outside the chat service continues to age thirteen years. According to Reuters it is unclear how and if the company will check the age of its users. The company would ask users to confirm that they are older than sixteen when they have to agree with the new policy.
Parent company Facebook has opted for a different approach. For example, young people between the ages of 13 and 15 must have permission from their parents to use the platform. Otherwise they do not see a fully personalized version of Facebook, according to the news agency. These changes have to do with the arrival of the general data protection regulation. This requires, among other things, that a child must be at least 16 years of age or older to legally give permission for the use of ‘information society services’.
Other companies also adjust their conditions accordingly. For example, Microsoft started blocking accounts of children in the EU. These can then only be unlocked by a parent, for example by paying a small amount or by sending documents. Member States can determine the minimum age themselves, as long as it is between sixteen and thirteen years.


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