Waymo makes an application to test self-driving cars without a driver

Waymo, the branch within Googles parent company Alphabet for self-driving cars, has made a request to test cars that no longer have a driver. Previously, there was always a driver present to intervene.

Reports the San Francisco Cronicle on the basis of sources Friday, A spokesperson for Waymo subsequently confirmed that he had applied for testing driverless self-driving cars in the US state of California. That is what the company wants to do near its head office in Mountain View. Whether or not the application has already been approved is not clear from the reporting.
Waymo uses the Chrysler Pacifica for its self-driving tests. It is plausible that it also wants to use these cars for the tests where there is no longer a driver for any interventions. According to the San Francisco Chronicle, Waymo wants to first map area for its tests by driving with a driver on it, and an attempt is made with fully driverless rides.
There are several companies that are testing of self-driving cars, but in most cases a driver drives who can intervene if the software ensures unsafe situations. Recently, however, it is possible to make an application in California to leave the driver at home. There is another company that has made an application to stop driving drivers, but it is not known who that is.