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Tesla: too many robots cause production problems Model 3

According to Elon Musk, too many robots have ensured that the Model 3 still does not reach the required production numbers. More people need to be added to the production process, the Tesla CEO said in an interview.

Tesla has been struggling for some time in raising the production of the Model 3. In a recent interview with the American CBS Good Morning, where The Verge reported Musk says that automation is one of the biggest problems in the production process. Too much would be relied on robots, and too little on human personnel.
That automation process describes Musk as a “crazy, complex network of conveyor belts”, or a bizarre complex of conveyor belts. In the meantime the production process would have been adjusted after Tesla discovered that it was not working properly. Musk also mentions the complex technology required for making the Model 3 as a reason for slow production.
At the moment Tesla only makes 2000 pieces of the Model 3 per week, while this is actually around 2500 per week. should have been. And that goal had already been lowered a number of times. Yet Tesla thinks that it can produce around 5000 pieces a week in the middle of this year.


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