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Video: this LEGO helicopter really flies

Adam Woodworth has made the ultimate Lego construction: a helicopter that also really flies! The craftsman based his design on an existing Lego set ( 6396 International Airport to be precise) and thought that a version that was ten times as large could fly.

But how? Lego is good stuff, but a simple model of a helicopter could never fly? That’s right, so that’s why Woodworth played a bit cheating. He has put a quadcopter under the Lego helicopter to get the whole story airborne. He actually cheated even more: the helicopter has the same look as lego, but they are not real cubes. They would be too heavy and so he copied the blocks out of hard foam.

It’s in the details

Nice detail: the maker also placed the original model on the back of the helicopter to show how much bigger this version is. There has even been a lot of work in the pilot of the helicopter, because it had to be made largely by hand. Fortunately, it all worked well, because as you can see in the video the helicopter is stable and it has been able to fly for a few minutes.

Woodworth clearly does this more often, just as you can see his Instagram feed on . He has already copied several vehicles from movies and let them fly or float, including a cool SpaceX Falcon 9 and the landspeeder and speeder bikes from Star Wars. If you want to see more, he also has a whole YouTube channel full of flying things, so let him know what you want to fly as he asks for it.

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