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Captain Toad Treasure Tracker gets a second chance

In 2013, Shigeru Miyamoto was so impressed by the Captain Toad challenges in [SuperMario3DWorld] that he placed the request for a full game. So it happened and a year later Captain Toad appeared: Treasure Tracker for the Wii U. The game consisted of 68 levels based on the Japanese tradition Hakoniwa . The latter means freely translated miniature gardening. unfortunately the Wii did not bother you so many gamers never played it or did not know about it at all.

So Nintendo thought it was time to change that and therefore did not do one, but two re-releases on the Switch and 3- or 2DS. For this review, Marnix Suilen was working with the Switch version and Perry Rodenrijs was allowed to dust his 2DS to play that version. Is this game still worth it?


Perry : As mentioned above, Hakoniwa is a Japanese tradition meaning miniature gardening. That does not mean that you can water digital plants in this game. No, Nintendo used this term because all levels are quite compact. Each level is a small puzzle of its kind, containing clogged crystals and a star. If you find the last one you end the level and you can choose to play a new unlocked level or go through the same level again.


The puzzles are rather simple at first and do not require much effort to solve. But once in the later levels, the difficulty level increases and you, as a madman, turn things around to get ahead anyway. You can turn each level to view it from a different angle. One level then shows a blocked door again, while at the other level you have to turn to continue, for example. This puzzle element makes it a relaxing game where you can sit down for a while.

Marnix : It is indeed how Nintendo games work together more often: the basis is simple, but if you want to get everything you will have to work hard. So also here where – certainly in the later levels – the achievement of all three diamonds and the special objective sometimes proves to be quite a challenge. The game, however, is not so much about fast reaction capabilities or exciting fights with enemies. It is mainly a puzzle game where you have to look good and have to use the camera a lot. The levels are very clever and there is also enough variety so that it does not become monotonous.

Switch of 2 / 3DS?

Both versions are almost the same as the Wii U version, but there are some small differences per platform.

Perry : I played the game on the 2DS and actually I miss the best feature as the levels can be offered to me in stereoscopic 3D. But that did not spoil the fun because the game just plays well on the 2DS. He only looks slightly less beautiful than his bigger brothers on the Wii U and Switch, but that makes sense because they have a bit more processing power to put something nicer. One of the differences is that there are clearly fewer enemies in the levels, this is according to Nintendo for the playing experience (otherwise it will be pretty busy on such a small screen) but perhaps this is also a technical restriction. However, it does not detract from the game itself, but we wanted to have this appointed.


I think if I had the choice I’d rather buy the Switch version as it looks a bit better. But if you do not yet have a switch and have a 2- or 3DS at your disposal, I can heartily recommend it on this platform.


Marnix : The Switch version looks very nice indeed and plays well in both handheld mode and on the TV. The only downside is that you can briefly paralyze enemies by tapping them. If you have the Switch in your hands, this is fine by tapping the touchscreen. However, when you play on the TV you get a target on your screen that you move with the motion controls in the Joycons. That creates a nervous blue circle that can not be eliminated in the options. Also the motion controls can not be replaced by simply pointing with the stick. That is rather annoying while playing and does not really invite you to use this function.

But other than that, I think Captain Toad is just a great game to play. The levels are fun and if you try to get everything in every level it is challenging as well.


Are you a Switch owner and do you like a puzzle game? Then you can happily praise that Nintendo has chosen to re-release this gem. Do not let the cute looks fool you, because the game is especially challenging at the end and almost ruthless with the beautiful puzzles you get served.

Still, Captain Toad Treasure Tracker keeps inviting you to play a game again. The good thing is that this is now going so easily on the Switch or 2 / 3DS on the road or anywhere else. No more boring train rides!


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