Turkish Airlines comes with best flight safety video ever

Airlines seem to want to challenge each other more and more with an even better, better or nicer flight safety video, you know the mandatory procedure for the departure of the aircraft.

That of Singapore Airlines was beautiful to see. British Airways also has a lot of unpacked, this safety video includes Mr. Bean, Ian McKellen, Thandie Newton, and Gordon Ramsey. Air New Zealand also has a flight safety video that you really want to watch.

But now Turkish Airlines has also found a unique way to pimp up their own security video. And how. They have turned on the help of Warner Bros. and the LEGO Movie franchise. With among others Emmet, Lucy and Batman in the leading role. The different LEGO characters describe in a step-by-step manner all safety guidelines of the aircraft with a good dose of humor.


With a full LEGO ‘cast’ this safety video is the first of its kind. The video was created by a production team consisting of concept artists, layout artists, animators and lighting technicians. More than 2.9 million legends have been used to animate everything.

The 30 different versions of the new safety video were created, both in English and in Turkish for the 15 different models in the fleet of the Turkish airline.