Video shows operation of canceled smartwatch Nokia Moonraker

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A video of the canceled Nokia Moonraker smartwatch has surfaced online. That is a watch that the Finnish manufacturer had in development before Microsoft took over the telephone branch. Next came Microsoft with the Band, a fitness bracelet.

The interface shows features for tracking steps and how long the user has been running, among other things. In addition, it is possible to make the connected phone ring and see notifications from, among other things, the phone, SMS and Facebook apps on the phone. The Chinese Nokia enthusiast Nokibar has put the video online.

The software appears to be fully functional, although it is unclear whether this should have been the final interface. Charging is done via a magnetic connection on the back. It is not the first time that the Moonraker has been shown, but it is known to be the first video of the Nokia watch in action.

The watch has a touchscreen, a light sensor and nor-memory. The processor is from STMicroelectronics type STM32F427, with a 90nm Cortex M4 processor at 180MHz. That processor is intended for devices that want to last a long time with a small battery, while little computing power is required.

A few years ago there were rumors about a smartwatch from Nokia, which would have been codenamed Moonraker. Microsoft canceled that project after acquiring the hardware branch of the Finnish manufacturer. That would have happened in 2014.

Nokia now makes watches through its subsidiary Withings. These are analog watches that can connect to a telephone, and thus can display notifications and transmit the number of steps taken and other sensor data.

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