Valve opens repair centers for Steam Deck handheld

Valve has opened repair centers for the Steam Deck. There, the company will carry out repairs that are both within and outside the warranty. The company previously released individual parts for the Steam Deck, in collaboration with iFixit.

Users who have a problem with their Steam Deck can now contact Valve customer service to send the handheld to Valve’s repair centers, writes the company. Once there, a diagnosis is made, after which the device is repaired and returned to the user. Repairs covered by the warranty are performed free of charge. Not covered by warranty repairs.

If a Steam Deck arrives that is not under warranty, the company will offer to repair it for a fee. The company states that those paid repairs are optional. Users can also request their device back and make the repairs themselves, the gaming giant says.

Valve refers to the repair manuals and official Steam Deck parts offered through iFixit. IFixit has been selling those parts in partnership with Valve since earlier this year. Users who do not want to open and repair their handheld themselves now have the option to have repairs carried out by Valve.