Valve Officially Releases Dota Underlords on February 25

Valve will release Dota Underlords starting February 25, after a months-long beta period; Season 1 will begin on that day. At the same time, Valve has announced that a new underlord will appear on the scene, named Enno.

Valve has announced this on the Steam Community. The company has released an update to Dota Underlords for the current beta, while also announcing that the beta will end this month. Season 1 will begin on February 25, marking the game’s official release.

The recently released patch is the last software update before Season 1 starts. The patch features a new underlord named Enno. This is a ranged character with a variety of poison attacks, according to Valve.

The beta version of Dota Underlords came out last June for Android, iOS and Steam. It is an official version of the existing popular Dota 2 mod Auto Chess, which has millions of players. The strategic game takes place on a chessboard, with the heroes from Dota 2 instead of chess pieces. It is a tactical game with automated battles between the heroes that players use.