Valve: New Steam Decks will get ‘different shapes’, possibly streaming device

The new Steam Deck devices that Valve is working on will have different “themes, sizes and shapes,” says a Valve designer. It may become a streaming device. Another Valve employee says improvements in battery life are also being looked into.

“Unless something big changes, there will be a new generation of Steam Deck products in the future,” said Steam Deck designer Greg Coomer. That writes VideoGamesChronicle based on an interview in a Japanese magazine. “The theme, size and shape will change and it may even become a streaming device.”

Valve sees the Steam Deck as an extension of the Steam platform, says Coomer. “The Steam Deck is a PC in a different form, but Steam can be used in many more other ways, such as on TVs or desktop. We will continue to work to satisfy our customers as much as possible.” With that wording, it seems like Valve may be working on Steam Decks in other categories as well, such as for TVs. Previously, Valve released game streaming device Steam Link.

A spokesperson emphasizes against Polygon that while new Steam Deck devices are definitely arriving, streaming isn’t the “main route” just yet. The company does not rule out focusing on streaming on the Steam Deck at a later date.

Should Valve release a new Steam Deck handheld, Valve developer Pierre-Loup Griffais says improving battery life is “at the top of the priority list.” On Friday, August 26, Valve shared a Steam Deck brochurein which it said it sees the Steam Deck as “the first device in a new category of Steam handheld gaming PCs.”

“Going forward, Valve will follow up on this product with hardware and software improvements, with new Steam Deck versions.” It is not clear when Valve wants to release a successor to the Steam Deck. The interview with the Valve employees does show that the new device will not only get improved hardware, but it can also be resized and become a different kind of device.

Part of the Steam Deck brochure