Valve Doubles Steam Deck Deliveries

Valve has increased the production of the Steam Deck and will deliver twice as many consoles from this week. As of June 30, the company will send the first emails for the third quarter reservations.

Valve sent out the last batch of emails for second-quarter Steam Deck reservations on Monday, starting Thursday with the first reservation messages for the third quarter from this year. After receiving confirmation, customers have 72 hours to actually order their Steam Deck. Once that period has elapsed, they can contact the Valve helpdesk and have a few more days to complete the order.

Valve has not been able to meet the demand since the introduction of the Steam Deck. The handheld went on sale in February and already in March Valve had to report that new orders could not be delivered before October. However, production has been increased, so that from this week the company can deliver twice as many consoles to customers as before. It is not known exactly how many Steam Decks are involved.

In early June, Valve postponed delivery of the docking station for the Steam Deck to an undisclosed date due to “parts shortages and covid-related closures.”