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US defense invests $ 2 billion in research into AI

The American defense unit darpa, or Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency, will convert slightly more than 1.7 billion euros into research into ai. The aim is to make AIs who do not need as much training as modern neural networks.

The investment, which is part of the so-called ai next program, is spread over several years, tells Darpa . The intended third wave -ai should not only be able to work with less training, but also have to be able to handle changing circumstances, provide certain ‘performance guarantees’ and provide a basis for the decisions they make.

” We want to convert computers from specialized tools to partners for problem solving, “says Dr. Darpa. Steven Walker. He further summarizes the work as “investigating how we can give machines humane communication and reasoning skills, with the ability to recognize and adapt to new situations.”

The money is being invested in, among other things, research projects that Darpa ‘big risk, big reward’. A project must go from an idea to a workable AI concept within 18 months.

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