Upcoming PS4 firmware update brings sleep mode

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Sony has confirmed that System Software 2.50, a new version of the firmware for the PlayStation 4, will have a suspend and resume function. In this sleep mode, the console consumes less power but open content is preserved.

In a posting to the official PlayStation blog, the console manufacturer announced that the upcoming 2.50 update, codenamed Yukimura, will include the long-awaited and previously announced sleep mode. Gamers can activate the ‘rest mode’, which puts the PlayStation 4 console into sleep mode. Pressing the PS button on the DualShock 4 controller wakes the console up again, allowing a player to continue playing a previously opened game, for example.

The Yukimura update also includes the option to upgrade a so-called limited access sub account to a fuller Master account. The console will also be able to search for Facebook users, and the Remote Play and Share Play modes will support 60fps games, subject to available bandwidth. Furthermore, after the update, the PS4 can share clips via Dailymotion and when a Trophy is achieved, the console automatically takes a screenshot. Sony has not yet released a release date for System Software 2.50.

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