Universal Pictures creates new Doom movie

The classic shooter Doom received a reboot in 2016 and the title also has a new chance on the white screen. This is shown by tweets by actress and singer Nina Bergman, in which she says she is in a new Doom film by Universal Pictures.

Bergman says that she has signed all the paperwork for the new Doom film with Universal Pictures. In another tweet she also says that the film has a much better script than the previous Doom film . Universal Pictures has not yet announced anything about the Doom film that Bergman talks about, but a spokesperson confirms the existence of the production Variety.
The new Doom film is made by Universal 1440 Entertainment, a studio that focuses on films that do not come out in the cinema. It seems that the new Doom film only comes out on discs and may appear on streaming platforms like Netflix.
For the makers and fans of the game it is to be hoped that the new Doom film will do better than the version from 2005. That was not received positively: on IMDB the film scores a 5.2, on Metacritic no more than 34 points and on Rotten Tomatoes the score was 19 percent. In addition, the $ 56 million revenue achieved was not enough to cover the 60 million budget.