Netflix series The Witcher gets eight episodes and may be released in 2020

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The drama series of The Witcher produced by Netflix will receive eight episodes and may be released in 2020. The recordings will take place in Eastern Europe. The series is based on the books that also served as inspiration for the CD Projekt Red games.

The new details were published by Lauren Schmid Hissrich, the script writer who was hired for Netflix to complete the series. produce. She states that the number of eight episodes will provide episodes with a lot of narrative and action.
The script still has to be written for the most part, Hissrich says she only finished the pilot. When writing the script the remaining seven episodes, other writers are involved. It is not yet known when the series can be seen, but the producer mentions 2020, with the words ‘who knows’. The drama series will be recorded in Eastern Europe. According to Hissrich, that speaks for itself and “the series can not be made in a different place.”
Last year it was announced that an English-language Netflix series by The Witcher is coming. The series is based on the eight books by the Andrzej Sapkowski and is not directly related to the games, but the games made by CD Projekt Red are in turn based on the saga of the Polish writer. Sapkowski was appointed as creative consultant for the drama series.



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