UK government working on guidelines to protect smart car owners

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The United Kingdom government is working on guidelines and laws to require automakers to provide the best possible protection for their customers against thieves and hackers. Transport Minister Lord Callanan argues that with more complicated cars come more risks.

The British government says it fears hackers will break into smart, internet-connected cars and get hold of personal data. That writes Reuters, among others. In addition, newer technologies such as keyless entry fobs also offer opportunities for hackers to spoof such a key and steal such a car with relatively little violence. A prominent example of this is the Jeep Wranglers that were stolen in the US using only a laptop.

Under the new guidelines, automakers are required to detect and fix digital vulnerabilities. Not only during the development of the car, but also throughout its life. Automakers must also present a plan for this. They could also be held responsible for vulnerabilities.

The UK government also says it is working on legislation related to insurance for self-driving cars, to try to clarify as soon as possible who bears responsibility if one or more self-driving cars are involved in an accident.

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