Ubisoft gives Connect chat function and deletes chats after three months

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Ubisoft’s PC gaming distribution platform Connect will get a chat function again from June 1. Since the service was rebranded from UPlay to Connect in October last year, Ubisoft’s PC platform no longer had a chat function. The feature does have some changes.

The new chat function should be faster and more stable, writes Ubisoft. At the same time, the developer does impose some restrictions on users. For example, group conversations may not contain more than 24 users. Groups that existed before the update and had more than 24 participants will be removed. Group conversations with less than 24 participants that were active in the last 30 days will not be deleted. Messages in these chats that were older than 30 days will be deleted.

In addition, all and-to-one conversations are also deleted. Ubisoft says it wants to start the new chat function ‘with a clean slate’ and therefore delete all chats. The developer also announces that it will encrypt all chats, but says it can decrypt these messages if they need to be investigated by the company. After three months, chat data will be completely deleted.

Ubisoft’s Connect desktop application will receive an update on June 1 that will make the chats available within the app. In the weeks after that, the chat will also come to the overlay. The company says it wants to bring extra features to the chat later, such as the ability to send friends invitations in the chat, without having to go through the friends list. The company also wants to be able to implement ‘additional anti-hate message measures’ and the company hints at the possibility of taking the chat to other platforms later.

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