Software update: DBeaver 21.1.0

Version 21.1.0 of DBeaver has been released. Databases can be managed with this program. Among other things, it can execute queries, and display, filter and edit data. Support for the well-known databases, such as MySQL, Oracle, DB2, SQL Server, PostgreSQL, Firebird and SQLite, is available. It is available in a CE and EE flavor, with the former being open source at no cost. The enterprise flavor adds support for several nosql databases such as MongoDB, Apache Cassandra, and Apache Hive, as well as additional plug-ins and jdbc drivers. The changelog for this release looks like this:

Changes in DBeaver version 21.0.5:

Connection recovery was improved. SSH tunnel infinite reopening cycle was fixed

Data transfer:

  • Insert / replace method configuration was fixed
  • Cross-database column data type mapping was improved

Project settings: corrupted folders configuration fix was added

Legacy status icons were updated

Application launch time was reduced

SQL Editor:

  • Problem with results tab collapse was fixed
  • Dummy NullPointerException and StackOverflowError errors were fixed

Data editor: LOB viewer shows error dialog on data load errors now

CLI: reuseWorkspace parameter handler was fixed

SQL Server: Extended properties editor was added

  • New row insert for tables with calculated columns was fixed
  • Oracle: synonyms search is now configurable


  • User password change feature was added
  • Domain arrays support was fixed
  • Role DDL now contains permissions information
  • Sequences DDL was fixed
  • VARBIT data type support was fixed
  • Default database switch was fixed

MySQL: user rename feature was added

Exasol: schedule refresh was fixed


  • Table statistics feature was added
  • Function parameters read was fixed

Snowflake: metadata read was fixed for case-sensitive schema names

BigQuery: driver version was upgraded

Bundled Java updated to version 11.0.11

Many minor UI bugs were fixed

Version number21.1.0
Release statusFinal
Operating systemsWindows 7, Linux, macOS, Windows 8, Windows 10
License typeConditions (GNU / BSD / etc.)