Two special bikes in the Tour de France

The next three weeks we see the cyclists compete again for the highest possible ranking in the classification of the Tour de France . For a number of riders the pressure is very high. Of course for Froome, since it is not exactly awarded to him, but also for a number of other cyclists. They are transferring the cobblestones to new bikes from two competing manufacturers.

Tour de France

Connondale and Specialized have released a special model racing bike. That of Connondale is the SystemSix and Specialized released the S-Works Venge. They both claim to have developed the fastest bike ever. These models only have disc brakes, electronic gear shift switches and the latest geometry. Both models have both experienced improvements in speed. Both Connondale and Specialized have made the bikes as aerodynamic as possible and reduce resistance everywhere.

This means that the bicycle tubes have separate shapes. This is also the main pipe, because it has to connect seamlessly to the fork and the frame. The bikes are not only intended for sprinting or climbing, but the total package. In all circumstances the bicycle would therefore be faster.

Fast cycling in the Tour de France

How fast is fast? The Specialized S-Works Venge would be eight seconds faster on a 25-mile route compared to previous models. With the SystemSix from Connondale, riders would use 10 percent less power at a pace of 18 miles per hour. In fact, Connondale claims that in a 200-meter sprint with 60 kilometers per hour, the bike will finish four bike lengths earlier with cyclists of the same size who pedal the same amount of watts.

Whether these bikes, and of course the cyclists, will actually do well in the Tour, remains to be seen. Riders of the American team EF Education First-Drapac will ride the tour on the SystemSix. The S-Works Venge from Specialized The bikes are also for sale for amateurs, although there are serious price tags. The SystemSix is ‚Äč‚Äčavailable from 4000 dollars. That of the pros is even $ 11,000. The S-Works Venge starts at $ 2500, with the prices for the elite starting at $ 12,500.

The developers of the bikes claim that such a fast bike has a lot of influence on the performance of the cyclists. But, in the end it is the cyclist who really has to do it, on his own strength (also you, Froome).


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