Antstream starts streaming service for retro games

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Englishman Steve Cottam has founded Antstream, a company that wants to start a streaming service for retro games. The company wants to offer more than a thousand retro games. The accompanying app appears for Windows and Android.

However, the British company does not provide much information yet. There are no details about the subscription to be taken out and no more is known about both apps than that they are expected ‘soon’. In addition, a list of the games that can be played via Antstream is missing. The company claims to have licenses for more than a thousand games, but does not mention or show more than a few examples. For example, the names of Trio the Punch, Deliverance: Stormlord II and Speedball II: Brutal Deluxe, all three from 1990. In addition, the logos of games such as Speedball from 1988, The Chaos Engine from 1993 and Wizard of Wor from 1980.

Antstream wants to offer asynchronous multiplayer ‘challenges’ and hopes to be able to offer real-time online multiplayer in the future. Antstream founder Steve Cottam was himself active as a developer in the past. He worked at Torc Interactive in England on Nitro Racers, a game that was released for DOS by publisher 3DO in 1997.

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