Twitter shows live events in your timeline

Twitter wants to show users live images of events. At the top of your timeline, Twitter keeps you informed of live events. It also shows you tweets about the event. In this way Twitter wants to keep people informed about news that is relevant to them. “A bird that sits on your shoulder and tells you what you need to know”, says Twitter.

Extended search

You will also receive a notification if there is an event that is probably interesting and relevant to you. Via ‘explore’, the search function, you can view live videos. Twitter indicates that they are expanding this function. New components will be added to the search function, such as trending, a personal overview for you and more specific content, such as sports and news.

With this new search function, Twitter wants to make it easier for everyone to find the best tweets and accounts. Instead of having to search for a good commentator, for example during an important football match, Twitter does that for you now.

And fake news then?

What about the risk of fake news? Twitter indicates that the new feature is not the same as hashtags. The content comes from a mix of algorithms and human curators. This mix also determines whether a push notification is sent or not.

The new feature is not a replacement for Twitter Moments. Instead of swiping tweets, at Moments, the new screens must be scrolled vertically.

The new feature of Twitter is exactly in the time of the World Cup. Maybe the football fanatics no longer have to scroll through the jungle of tweets, but they can easily see what is relevant.