foldable Samsung Galaxy X in 2019 for a hefty 1500 euros

It has been clear for a while that Samsung is working on a folding phone, because a top man literally told during a press conference. Now it appears, however, that we might expect that device to be a little faster than we thought so far. The Korea Times says that it knows that the foldable phone would go into production at the end of November. Suppliers of parts have already been commissioned to deliver to Samsung from that time on, so the device could come on the market next year.

The device would have three OLED screens. On the outside of the device is a ‘normal’ screen of 4.5 inches. That is comparable to an iPhone 6 or Galaxy S5 in terms of size. On the inside are two screens that would form a screen of 7.3 inches (18.5 centimeters) once unfolded. For comparison: a Galaxy S9 + is 6.2 inches, while an iPhone X has a 5.8 inch screen. That is very large, but the advantage is that the phone is thus significantly less occupied. A long time ago, Samsung already came with a commercial for a foldable phone, would it be something like that? Then you have a tablet in your phone, which can be very useful. Hopefully the end result will look better. And they make another commercial.

Samsung Galaxy X

Now we have two rumors to stick together, but it could well be that Samsung the collapsible device in the market to put as the Samsung Galaxy X. They have Apple right at the nose with a real innovation for the tenth device and when it all goes into the soup they can just release the Galaxy S10 the following year. It could also just be that they just release the S10 early next year and that the X is launched when Samsung can do maximum damage: just before the launch of the new iPhones .

Then they have to show a device that everybody blows off the socks, because the rumors included a price and that is not tender: more than 1500 euros. That seems crazy and it is, but in a world where the cheapest iPhone X also costs more than 1100 euros, the next step is quickly made. Honestly, if the phone is really as innovative and handy as Samsung claims it will not make tech-lovers a ball, because then they want it anyway. Before that happens, Samsung will first have to prove that they really solved the problem of a foldable screen.

Perhaps we hear more about the CES that will be held in January, because then the device would be shared with partners. That happens behind closed doors, but it would be the first time that Samsung can keep her new phone away from the public and with so many questions around the Galaxy X the chances that it will succeed this time pretty small.

For the sake of completeness: the images you see are concepts from Techconfigurations and we have no idea what the Galaxy X really will look like


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