Twitter postpones new Blue subscription and accidentally fired people

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Twitter has postponed the new Blue subscription announced on Saturday for $8 a month. The subscription, which allows people to get a blue verification tick, would encourage abuse and therefore only come after the American elections.

That’s why Twitter won’t start the subscription until after the US elections that take place this week, writes The New York Times. For example, users can change their name after taking out the subscription, allowing them to impersonate a famous person.

Twitter director Elon Musk has already made rules against this. Any name change leads to the temporary loss of the blue tick, according to Musk. In addition, Twitter will immediately suspend an account if it’s impersonating someone else, especially if it’s a Blue subscriber.

Meanwhile, in Friday’s layoffs, Twitter also laid off people that the company needs to build new features in the near future. writes Bloomberg. Those people would have been fired by accident. That is why the company has asked dozens of people who were laid off on Friday to come back to work for Twitter. Whether they do that is unclear. Twitter fired about half of its staff, around 3,700 people. Musk has been the owner of Twitter for a week and a half.

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