Turn your living room into a home cinema

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Going to the movies during the holidays: unfortunately, it is not possible this year. Have you dreamed of a home theater for years? Then this might be the time to get serious about it. We give you the inspiration to transform your living room into a cool home cinema. These things should certainly not be missing!


The centerpiece of your home cinema is of course the screen – preferably as large as possible. So you choose a large television. Or an even larger television. Or… a beamer! 150 inch? No problem. If you want a really big picture, then a beamer is preferred. You can project the image on a canvas for the real cinema experience, or just on a flat wall. There is even special projection paint.


When a life-size dinosaur rumbles across the screen, producing at most the sound of a lizard, the spell is broken. An important part of the cinema experience is sound. That’s what pulls you into the movie (or game, or football match). In terms of sound, you can make it as crazy as you want. For example, take a look at an audio manufacturer like Teufel. With their LT 4 5.1-Set M you have the feeling that you are in the middle of the spectacle. Slightly more modest is the Teufel Cinebar Lux, which also gives you cinema sound at home. Read our review about that too. You can of course also ‘just’ listen to music with these speakers.

Light (or darkness)

If there is a TV in the center of your home cinema, you can expand the screen with surround lighting, for example from Philips Hue. The color and intensity of the lighting is then adjusted to the action on the screen. You then get a true light show! It is also important that you can darken your living room well. In these dark days that will not be a problem, but on a very hot summer day, no light should actually seep in.

Nice seats

It is no longer possible to sink into a luxurious cinema chair. Of course you don’t watch a movie at home from your hardwood kitchen chair. Provide a nice armchair. You can even buy real cinema seats for your home, but we would only do that if you could set up your home theater in a separate room.

The best streaming services

In the past, creating a film collection was quite an expensive affair, but nowadays you can watch endless films thanks to all kinds of streaming services. Netflix off? Also consider Apple TV +, Pathé Thuis, videoland or Disney +. A good thing this year is that many films that should have been screened in the cinema will immediately appear on various streaming services.

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