Trump not welcome on Facebook and Instagram for the next two years

Donald Trump has been banned from Facebook and Instagram for at least two years. The company announced this on Friday. The former US president was banned from the platforms in January for praising the people who stormed the Capitol.

In a statement, Facebook announced its decision to ban Trump from Facebook and Instagram until January 2024. The decision was made after Facebook’s oversight board objected to Trump’s indefinite blocking. Not so much because they believe that the account should not have been blocked, but because there was no clear term linked to the sanction.

After two years, it will be looked at whether Trump can return to the Facebook platforms. If it is then determined that the former US president could still pose a threat to public safety, the ban could be extended. Facebook can also decide to delete the account completely.

Trump’s account was blocked by Facebook on Jan. 7 after he praised the people who stormed the Capitol on Jan. 6. Supporters stormed the Capitol after Trump lost the presidential election.