While browsing the Internet, you may come across content in other languages. Sometimes the content you are looking for may be in a different language or text in the picture, which you can not copy. In such situations, you can use Google Translate to translate the entire page, but the plain text is translated. The text in videos and photos remains the same.

Copyfish is a free Google Chrome extension that can translate OCR text from a video, image, nd PDF and translate it for you. With this extension installed, you can easily translate any text from a web page, whether it’s the regular text, image or text in a video.

To translate the text from an image or video, Copyfish extracts the text using OCR and translates it into the selected language. To use the Copyfish to translate text, click the icon in the browser toolbar. This opens a field selection tool on your computer screen. Simply select the area with the text you want to extract and / or translate.

Once you do that, a pop-up will appear on your screen with the extracted text. It also translates the text to the selected language. From this pop-up, you can copy any of this text to the clipboard. It also gives you options to re-correct OCR, re-capture and re-translate. This way you can easily extract and translate text from images, videos, and PDFs with this extension. Copyfish has a repeat function that is useful for subtitling and subtitling. You only need to select the caption area once and then use the “Redo OCR” button to redefine the last text from that same area.

The only drawback of Copyfish is that it does not automatically detect the input language. Before you select the text for extraction/translation, you must first select the input language. But to compensate for that, you can select three input languages that you can quickly switch to in the pop-up with extracted text.

Add Copyfish to Google Chrome from here.