TransIP raises prices again due to energy costs and inflation

TransIP is raising the prices of most of its hosting and domain packages. The company does this because of the rising electricity costs in data centers and the associated contracts. Inflation also plays a part.

TransIP will inform customers of this by e-mail on Tuesday. This includes the prices of site hosting, e-mail, domain names and the Blade vps packages.

It is the second time this year that TransIP has announced a price increase. The prices of vps and domain names already rose in March. According to the company, this was due to the price increases of hardware and energy.

The company now cites that as the reason again. “Data centers we work with that still have long-term energy contracts are now saying they need to break them open,” said a company spokesperson. TransIP now passes on part of the higher energy prices to customers. In addition, the higher hardware prices are still a factor. “Servers aren’t that expensive, but storage prices have gone up three or four times.” The low value of the euro and ‘general inflation’ also play a role in the price increase.

The prices are immediately applicable for new customers. Existing customers will pay more from mid-December and see the first amounts on their January invoice.