TP Vision releases first audio products under Philips name

TP Vision has announced the first products it will release under the brand name ‘Philips Audio’. This primarily concerns smaller products, such as Bluetooth speakers. More products will follow later this year.

This week, TP Vision will hold an event where the company will showcase the new Philips TV line and unveil the company’s first Philips Audio products. In any case, this includes the BT55, a bluetooth speaker that is now also included in the Pricewatch. According to Home Cinema Magazine, TP Vision also releases the Philips SHB2505BK headphones.

The site reports that a series of headphones will follow this year and soundbars and speaker systems will be added in September during IFA 2019. The license to use the Philips brand name for audio products was acquired last year by TPV Technology, the Chinese parent company of TP Vision. Gibson was allowed to use the brand name before that, but Gibson Innovations, the former audio branch of Philips, went bankrupt last May. TP Vision may use the name for audio equipment until at least the end of 2023.