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This very short Stranger Things 3-teaser goes behind the scenes

Although there is more than enough on Netflix to see in the coming month (and) we are all secretly waiting for the third season of Stranger Things . The countdown can really start now, because production is in any case starting. That was seen in a tweet that shared the official account of Stranger Things in which the actors did a ‘table read’ on April 20th.

The video only lasts one and a half minutes and you get no idea what the series will have in store, so do not worry about spoilers. On the other hand, that is of course also a bit of a disappointment, because we still know very, very little of the third season of the series. The Duffer brothers have said that the story will probably go outside the town of Hawkins, but that is all.

The new names in the series are also mentioned in the video: Maya Hawke (fairly new), Cary Elwes (you might remember Saw, the Princess Bride and Robin Hood Men in Tights) and Jake Busey (the son of indeed, known from Starship Troopers, Enemy of the State and Agents of SHIELD). We do not know which role to play, of course, even though I eat a broom if Busey is not a bad guy.

Anyway, the script is there, everyone is preparing for the recordings and that means that we probably have to start the new season of Stranger Things early next year (or they have to be very fast with recordings) . Or yes, start: in one weekend all break up if we are honest. We are pretty good at all, Netflix emptying.

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