This is all in the new Windows 10 update

Microsoft just before the weekend the new April Update for Windows 10 dropped and there are quite a number of nice features in it. We already knew part of it but if you can not wait for the new functions you can already start downloading the update with the Windows Update Tool. If you do not do that, then from 8 May there will be reports that it will be time to upgrade.

What’s in it?

The biggest new feature is Timeline. It lets you go back in your actions for up to 30 days, so that you can retrieve files and even see what you did when. Think of it as a specific Time Machine to use like OSX. Very handy! It even works with Microsoft’s mobile apps, so if you use Edge on your Android or iOS device (ok, that chance is small) then you can do the same and all those actions will also appear in the Timeline on your desktop .

Timeline displays everything graphically. Image: Microsoft

Focus Assist is also a great feature, because it lets you configure exactly which apps you want to have notifications and better when you want them. You can create all kinds of rules for that so that your notifications will no longer distract you while you are working. Also nice for gamers, because there is a separate setting to be left alone when you are playing.

In addition, there are some nice new things in between, which look suspiciously like what OSX users have had for a while. That does not make it less welcome that Microsoft also does it, by the way! For example, you can immediately browse through a Web page that you have viewed in Edge to your desktop to continue with it, you can now easily mutate via browser tab and it is possible to easily transfer videos and photos from a PC to a nearby PC. to ‘throw’.

You can now write anywhere with the stilus. Image: Microsoft

Smart Tablet

Apart from the ‘real’ desktop, people who use tablets or hybrid devices are also being thought, because Windows Ink updates now let you write in every possible field on your desktop with your stilus . The delay between when you touch the screen with the stilus and there is something to see would also be reduced by 30-50 percent according to Microsoft, so it all feels a lot more natural.

Cortana also gets the opportunity to check smart home stuff via voice commands and the popular brands such as Nest, Ecobee and others are supported. Nice update so, but a little bald that it looks like the brilliant ‘ sets ‘ is not there yet. Wait until the autumn!

[Afbeeldingen © Microsoft]

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