Rumor: Sprint and T-Mobile are close to merger in the US

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American telecom providers Sprint and T-Mobile are said to be close to a merger. The parent companies of both providers could possibly reach an agreement on Sunday, but it is unclear whether the deal is blocked by the American government, report this to the American medium CNBC. With the possible deal, an amount of 26 billion dollars would be involved; this translates to around 21 billion euros. T-Mobile parent company Deutsche Telekom would hold the majority of the shares, and the agreement could be made public on Sunday according to CNBC’s sources.

Sprint and T-Mobile were already once closer to a merger, but it then faded after objections from Softbank-ceo Masayoshi Son. But then it became clear that both parties were open to a return to the negotiating table. Son would have changed his mind because the tax system in the US has been adjusted, and because he realized that the building of a 5g network Sprint will cost a lot of money.
Whether the deal can finally take place is still unclear. There are only four major players on the American telecom market: apart from T-Mobile and Sprint, it is AT & T and Verizon Wireless. the American telecom watchdog FCC could block the deal due to a lack of competition on the telecom market.


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