Rumor: Intel Arrow Lake CPUs will not have a 20A node, but an Intel 3 node

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Several leakers claim that Intel’s Arrow Lake CPUs will not use the internal 20A node at all, but will instead be largely made on TSMC’s 3nm node, and the Intel 3 process.

Wccftech writes that Twitter user @xinoassassin1 was the first to reveal in an already deleted tweet that Intel might use TSMC’s 3nm process instead of its 20A node. Bilibili user Golden Pig Upgrade, who has often reported accurate rumors, also claims that Intel will no longer use Intel 20A for Arrow Lake.

Intel confirmed during a presentation that the intention is for the integrated GPUs for its Arrow Lake processors to be produced by an external manufacturer, probably on a 3nm node by TSMC, while the company would make the CPU chiplet itself on its 20A node with gaa transistors. It now appears that the latter will be produced on the Intel 3 node instead. According to rumors, the Arrow Lake processors will not be available until early 2025 at the earliest.

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