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This underwater Pokébal catches the most rare animals

Rare and vulnerable animals live on the bottom of the ocean . They are fragile and therefore it is difficult for researchers to catch them. A new capture system can now capture these animals in a ‘friendly’ way without pulverizing them.

Pokébal under water

The device was developed by engineers, designers and biologists from Harvard University. It looks like a big, soft claw of plastic. If it has caught an animal, the claw will close around it carefully. The device then forms a ball, where the beast is in it.

The device is inspired by oregami. The goal was to have the device close in one smooth motion. During testing the device caught a number of lunar fish in a swimming pool. He also caught cuttlefish, octopus and jellyfish at more than half a kilometer deep in the ocean without damage. She also released the pokébal.

Animal studies

They have not yet tested the device deeper in the ocean, but it is expected to work. Few fragments are fragile and therefore would be suitable for deeper parts of the ocean where conditions are more difficult. The system can also be made larger, or can be used in the room. Cameras and sensors are not there yet, but will come.

The animals that researchers can catch with them are being investigated. Information about the size, properties and even chromosomes can be recorded. After that the animals are free to go again.

One of the researchers calls the process “an underwater alien abduction”.

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