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This robot can build with lego

Robots are becoming ‘smarter’ made by people. They can take many tasks off your hands, making it easier or safer for people. They can even benefit people’s health, such as a robot that allows you to adopt a good attitude . Even an surgical robot that can be used in surgery now exists.

The Brickbot

The Brickbot is one of them. At first glance it does not look very special, a robot that can stack legoblok on each other. Nevertheless, according to Autodesk programmers, the robot can make an important contribution to industrial production.

The robot arms can take lego blocks out of a tray, find out how to fix them on the plate and then snap the blocks in the right way.

The project took longer than expected. There was only one full-time scientist working on it and a number of problems were complicated to solve. This robot can be used in industrial services, such as in car manufacturing.


The disadvantage of this robot is that it is inflexible. This is programmed to perform a specific task, but can not adapt to circumstances. Robots have no idea what they are doing and why they do this. The Brickbots will therefore be made smarter so that they can adapt to changes in the environment.

The Brickbot can now also pick up new shapes and put them on the plate. In experiments, the robots even managed 80 percent of the time to pick up and place lego-kids. In the industrial world there are also all kinds of components with different shapes and materials, so the robot is capable of this.

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