This is the new dating app

“Less swiping, more fun”. That should be the new Crown dating app according to the developers of, which also includes Tinder . With many dating apps you get a laundry list printed under your nose. then it is swiping, swiping and swiping again. If there is a match, chatting can begin. So many options are fun, but the human brain is not focused on so many social relationships that are endless at Tinder.

Dating app Crown

The new dating app Crown is different. Every day you get to see sixteen people as a user. You can choose four profiles from this. You always choose between two people via a knockout system. These four people will then receive a notification that they have been selected and can indicate whether they want to chat with you or not. Conversely, you will also receive a message yourself if you belong to the four selected persons.

With the new dating app, the authors hope that people will actually get in conversation with someone faster. At Tinder it often does not come to an interview, because people calmly continue to swipe or do not know how to enter into a conversation.

Online dating, whether or not to do?

Yet this app is again a typical meat inspection, because the choice is based on photos. However, is not that what we always do in real life? You do not simply step down on someone who does not find you attractive at all. If you are going to download the app, know that the online dating world is full of rejections. But, there is only one right person to sit between …



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