Volvo has a system for a yacht that moors itself

I only knew Volvo from the cars, but apparently there is also a subsidiary company called Volvo Penta that is busy with maritime materials. Mainly engines, which makes sense, but now there is apparently a cross-pollination going on whereby the techniques for self-parking a car are transferred to a yacht.

The result is that at Volvo Penta they are a long way with the system you can see in the video below, where a yacht can moor itself in a place where most captains would sail for a bit more space.

The president of Penta, Björn Ingemanson says that the system can make it look as if the sea is stationary . The corrections that are made automatically make it extremely easy to ‘park in’, but the system can not do it all by itself. So a person has to be taken into account at the moment as it happens. Besides, the process does not go much faster than a good captain could do, but in this way you have at least the certainty that no collisions occur.

The demonstration was given during the Swedish part of the Volvo Ocean Race in Göteborg where the boats moored in the race. By the way, it is not the first parking system for boats, but the fact that a Volvo subsidiary is going to interfere shows that it is a market that is right after the self-driving cars for advanced navigation. Can anyone go sailing anyway.